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Discussion on: I Built a VSCode Inspired Developer Portfolio

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Looks cool, but is a bit confusing from ux perspective
Some examples:

  • all the top menu (and the dots menu on right) have no link but still a pointer when hovering
  • The pages can be reached in many ways, but their menu are not organized: About is the only page that have an icon on the lower part, all the pages are under the "portfolio" but still accessible via the left icon menu

You should probably clean up the interface its quiete frustrating having more (different) links leading always to the same page

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Nitin Ranganath Author

Thank you and to be honest, I agree with you. I was pondering over the same thing that how there are multiple ways to reach the same page. I'll see how I can improve it but I really appreciate the suggestions.

The dots on the menu don't have any functionality for now but I was planning to mimic some minimize and maximize animations. Not sure if I should do that but I'll give it a try.

I've kept the above page icon on the lower part because VSCode has this icon on the lower part as well. While it is for managing accounts I guess, I thought the icon could signify an about page for me. But I totally get your point. Once again, good suggestions and thanks a lot.