What are developers looking for? A good tech or a good manager

Praneet Nadkar on April 22, 2019

I always wonder if everyone is happy as a developer. I have always thought that many, either look for a good manager or a good tech or if you are l... [Read Full]
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Nothing fixes bad management. Can't find the source, but there was an article recently linked on HN which said that mgmt matters about 80-90% in workplace-satisfaction. Also, when people leave, they leave their manager.

I don't think the tech itself matters a lot, as long as it's not a catastrophe. It's just the tool to get the job done.


Nothing fixes bad management!
That is like a title of a book or a novel.
And that indeed is very true


I would look for a collaborative team, and an environment in which can also help you continue to learn and supports tech decisions (e.g. you may be starting .net but can influence change to .net core) all of which indicate a good manager


I had the privilege of having a really helpful and encouraging manager AND a great project when I first entered into this industry right after college.

Unfortunately my manager left the company and I'd always like to work under him at the drop of a hat. I learned how empathy, positive communication can change someone's entire perspective.

Given a choice, I'd lean towards "good manager" because ultimately it's the people that matter.


Well, you can always trade up in tech.
You can't always trade up to a good manager.

Just recently I almost had the opportunity to go back to working with one of my managers. Had the cards fell differently I would have done so in a heartbeat.

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