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Looking for some contributors and help with plazar-js, a standalone JavaScript framework. I know that we have Vue, Angular and React, but I've reached the point where I started thinking that something could be done differently and maybe easier to use, if not better.

It's a young project and I'm working alone on it, as well as on documentation site therefore any help would be appreciated. Feedback is also very much welcomed in terms what should I improve, what did I do good and what did I do bad.

You can expect a new documentation site deploy every couple of days, depending on my day job responsibilities. Documentation can be found here. I still have a lot to write and update a couple of sections. Some of them are missing code snippets (parts of the core section), etc.

Best of luck to you all.


[...] something could be done differently and maybe easier to use.

So, would you care to expand on this? What are you planning to do differently?


I would care to expand on this, but up to a certain point. At least at this moment.

My focus is on the good old trio: HTML, CSS and JS. I think that all of the popular frameworks, except maybe Vue.js, are focusing on JavaScript too much. For example, take a look at angular animations...My opinion that they should be done via CSS3, we do not need the JavaScript version.

The reason why I'm thinking like this, is, that we are pulled off off the basics of web application development when working on certain project and afterwards we are left with the knowledge of the specific framework that were used. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this is bad, any knowledge is a good one, but we shouldn't be limited to only that specific one.

This way we are left without the understanding the concept behind the hood.

I guess, that the main difference would be, focus on app development with the existing technologies, speed it up with the framework, and spend as much as possible less time to learn it.

Long story short, I don't think that they meet the requirement of simplicity.

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