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A workshop on Introduction to NoSQL Databases by DataStax

Siddharth Phatarphod
・1 min read

I attended the live workshop on Introduction to NoSQL Databases on 28-July-2021.
You can view the recording of this workshop below:
The presenters Cedrick Lunven and David Jones-Gilardi captivated the attention of the audience right from the beginning.
There were surprises with quiz, giveaway and workshop participation badges(conditions apply :-)) that made the overall workshop very exciting.

Being from a Microsoft background and namely SQL Server relational database, I was pretty excited to attend this workshop. I got to learn many things - some I already knew from the basics, but some more exciting from the context of NoSQL databases.

This is what I learnt from this awesome workshop:

Advantage of NoSQL databases over relational databases.
The main NoSQL database types - tabular/columnar, document, key-value and graph.
AstraDB introduction and hands-on creation of database in AstraDB.
Apache Cassandra introduction.
Distributed and replicated data.
Hands on the different NoSQL types of databases with working examples walkthough.

This workshop has helped me in understanding the NoSQL databases at a high level and triggered an interest to learn more.
Excited to learn more of Apache Cassandra through AstraDB - Database as a Service multi-cloud offering from DataStax.

Thanks and Kudos to the @datastaxdevs team!

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