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Discussion on: Good habits, good code quality

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Mirko Vukušić

I've heard too many discussions in my life, between my employees, who and what is more important, developer, designer, sales, management. Usually they had similar tone to your post (rant?). However, in reality, company or a startup project) is so much more than any individual part of it. Sorry, but i dont get tolerance, nor any effort to see a wider picture from your post. Clean code in most cases is desirable, but not in 100% of cases. It's impossible to judge based on the data in your post. But thats not even the most important part. Your comment on their sales and presentation of the product just sounds really bad. What other than that you expect? That they market it as a junk? Id say their sails does great job!

From perspective of a person in this business for 30 years, worked everything from junior developer, over project manager to CEO and owner, my guess is that companies you mention don't have issues with your clean code ideas, but with a way how you present them and (maybe) try to enforce them in the company.

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Loouis Low

Well, thanks for the compliment. I love my rant. Which makes me a better veteran electronic and software engineer. Please... Do not hire me if any chances.