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Discussion on: Switch to Linux?

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Mirko Vukušić • Edited

Was on dual boot and then exclusively Linux for about 10 years I guess. Not sure anymore. I know that the day Win 8 came out I deleted it. What do I miss? A lot really. Mostly I miss viruses and antiviruses. Also those beautiful updates that just surprise you when you have something urgent to do, to remind you to slow down and not work so much. Then also all this beautiful software you dont even need to install yourself to have and enjoy, like candy crash. And lets not forget, in case you are a complete moron and actually forget that OneDrive or stuff like that is the best thing on earth... Windows kindly remind you about that, and often enough. Uh Microsoft account too! God forbid if you somehow wonder out of the usual path and manage to loose yourself and configure local login, again kindly, and often enough, Windows will teach you how to be normal again and join a happy MS familly.
And then all that customization, who really needs it? Why do people want to be different when there should be only one window manager, one desktop environment, one.... I mean, when it is so perfect!? Why? You might accidentally end up having fun, or learning other ways, instead of working. Urghhh.
I miss Windows a lot.