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That really sucks, and honestly, I'm not sure if I would like to work with that people.

I had several interviews this summer, one was a total failure because we had the interview via Google Hangouts and connection seemed to be really bad on their side, they were constantly dropping out and I had to ask them several times to repeat what they've said, after a while I was totally uncomfortable with asking them to repeat again, and I felt like an idiot. They decided to continue the interview despite my comments that the connection is bad and that I don't understand half of the stuff they've said. We've had a short live coding session, and I tried to answer their question as best as I could, but in the end, they've just told me (via email) that they are looking for someone with more seniority. O.o
Two months after that, one of my friends started working for them, and he's been crying ever since :D They are working on a monolith with several technologies mixed in and with a serious tech debt, so I guess that I've missed bullet with that one :)

Another one was with a pretty big Swiss company, and at the first, I've felt kind of negative aura around them, I've passed 3 round of interviews with them and in the end, I had a conversation with their PM and HR who told me that I've overpriced (and it wasn't a big number at all) myself because I got into programming by self-learning, and don't have a degree and that working for them will be big in my CV...
I've just kindly excused myself and said that that's my price and if they don't like it they could've told me one month ago. In the end, they offered me a little smaller amount than I requested but I've already decided to not accept it, because I really don't like that kind of elitism and arrogance to be around me in the office.

In the end, I've accepted to work for another company for a much less money but I will be working with a great team and with a bleeding edge tech, which is, IMHO, much better in the long run.

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