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Discussion on: If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?

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Mihail Malo • Edited
  • A monetization model where the user is not the product: A combination of rewarding services like self-hosting and actual membership fees would be ideal.

  • Immutability and local backups: People often say "Allow me to delete my data." Hell to the no! If I had access to something once, it is mine to own. How can we possibly prevent FOMO if I might lose access to comments that were deleted, old versions of comments that were edited, old posts of a group that I was banned from?! The 24-hour TTL "Stories", implemented with the explicit intent of causing FOMO are the worst offenders, of course.

  • Multiple identity: Not only should anonymous/real duplicate accounts not be punished, there should be built in features to have segregated identities under one authentication account/UI. Depending on group/community policy, completely anonymous posts can be allowed. Anonymous comments, with verified same identity as OP or previous comments can be used. The identity of anonymous posts and comments can then be claimed by the author if they choose to do so. Group membership, friends, etc is done by identities not authentication accounts. (Authentication accounts are nothing but baggies of identities, never exposed directly.)

  • Tracking media lineage and metadata: This improves the quality(fidelity, resolution) of our content, as well as giving credit where credit is due. Someone uploaded a screenshot? The post in the screenshot should be linked (without notifying the original post) to. Someone downloaded and reuploaded a video instead of sharing? link.
    Someone uploaded a video consisting of two others and a music track? 3 links. Same for links and other copypasta. Then we can have a tree view of how memes propagate, also identifying the source of fake news.

  • Better search tools and tagging: A combination of manual and automatic tagging, combined with the immutability above, would produce much better, enduring information that communities can form around instead of an anxiety inducing stream of personalized, isolating diarrhoea.

  • Better singleplayer mode: The same rich organizational tools should allow content shared with only me as a first class citizen. There should be no fear involved in using the same service as Facebook and Dropbox. It should be ergonomic to maintain your privacy.

  • Import all the data: Parse (and retain for potentially improved reparsing) the Google and Facebook "export my data" .zips. Connect to all platforms with maximum capability request and scrape the rest. Run crawlers from the user's machine. Take EVERYTHING you can see, not just data entered by this user.

  • Be an open standard: Enabled by better monetization methods, there could be a distinction between the API-only service and official frontends.