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re: To add on to your suggestion, it is good practice to use different passwords for every website. Because not all sites treat passwords with equal se...

I didn't mention that the use of different passwords for each website is recommended, nice to mention it!

Your method is a nice way to handle multiple websites issue, like for dev.to it will be Dv or something like that.


Current guidelines suggest not having a new password for each website, as you can forget it and through frustration remove all safety precautions.

A better solution would be to have 3 interchangeable characters and use the website names shorthand for it. I.e:

If you have a password like fg24f!hyn%
Add 3 letters for what website: fg24f!HYn%fac (Facebook), fg24f!HYn%twt (Twitter), fg24f!HYn%gth (GitHub).

That way you have learned a master password, and then just remember what website you're trying to log in to... Which hopefully isn't difficult!

Thanks. Yeah, that's exactly what I was getting at.

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