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Discussion on: Announcing Frontity 1.0!

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Reyes Martínez Author

Hey Alex, did you have the chance to try Frontity? We are actively looking for feedback to improve the framework and would love to learn from your experience. Let me know if you want to chat. Thanks :)

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Eli Von

Trying it right now and looking to create my first page with it! I Googled and landed here when checking if Frontity supports pages, and this release does. So far it's a good experience, just wish there was more details around the SEO bit (I know you are working to release @frontity/head-tags package), as well as docs for page template creation. Cheers!

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Reyes Martínez Author • Edited on

Hi Ali! Many thanks for your feedback! You're totally right, we have to keep working on our docs to address more details about the SEO. Feel free to reach out in the meantime if you have any questions about it (Christian Oliveira, our technical SEO expert, will be happy to help).

P.S. In case it helps, we also wrote this post about SEO for headless WordPress a few months ago: