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re: I used to only go on staycation for the odd day or too. Whatever helps to keep you feeling chilled and refreshed. I've always loved Japan. In the ...

I imagine your Japanese must be pretty good then, I suppose I assumed it wasn't when I asked so my mistake! :)

I'll check out the show notes and that podcast when I have a few minutes - nothing wrong with being a little self-promotey!

For me staycations are okay, but I really do love traveling the world. I tend to get what I call travel sickness (instead of home sick like most people get once they've left) so I start to get an itch to uproot and see somewhere new if it's been too long between adventures. It has been awhile since my last trip, but for little awhile at least I need to be responsible and pay back my college expenses. :) But thankfully I have people to live vicariously through as they travel on their own adventures!

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