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re: While all people of color face oppression, the term "master" in relation to the black experience in America is an isolated case. I don't expect oth...

That's ok if you do not feel comfortable with the term then you are free to use your naming conventions you prefer i do not have any problem with that.

How ever this entire discussion about the "master", "blacklist/whitelist" is more like "progressive" propaganda and there is some groups of people that just because you don't buy their agenda they immediately label you as the oppressor and the root of all evil and that is simply stupid because you will not fix the original problem (which btw still does not have anything to do with the industry conventions) you end up dehumanizing everyone that does not agree with your point and in some cases it even radicalized them to the other extreme, i beleive is time to stop the PC nonsense and be more tolerant to each other

While I think some of the characteristics of the current BLM movement are over the line and not really beneficial to the cause, I find also quite superficial to dismiss them as "progressive propaganda", "nonsense" and "stupid". Isn't that dehumanizing?

It's easy to think that everything that doesn't directly resonate with our life is meaningless, but with time I tried to assume that it's more a fault of my limited perspective. I.e., I think people do feel bad for reading some terms if they just say so and if I have no evidence of the opposite. It's called trust in other people's honesty, and it's something I'd like to be applied to me too if there will be the chance.

And I may be out of American politics, but it's interesting how "progressive" is seen as a bad thing. Shouldn't we all like progress? 🤔

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