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Discussion on: Why I Quit a $500K Job at Amazon to Work for Myself

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Christian Lopez

Not gonna lie, I would of done the same shit tbh. Why? Because misery leads to depression and ultimately our downfall. But in all honesty since I am a family man, I tend to keep myself motivated and busy by contributing to FOSS projects. 15-20k a month is...I really don’t have any words other than I’m flabbergasted! I wish you the best on your endeavors and hope I can get to that peak myself and find out where it’ll take me in the end. Thank you for sharing your story with us!!

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Daniel Vassallo Author

Thank you. To be fair, I wasn’t in a miserable job—which paradoxically made it harder to leave. But at one point I realized that a career as an employee wasn’t the ideal one for me, and I’m happy to sacrifice my income potential for a chance to work for myself. If I can earn enough to cover my expenses while working for myself, this move would have been a great trade off for me, even if I never get to earn the same amount as I did working for a big company.

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