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Discussion on: Building a Stats Page for Jekyll Blogs

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Raymond Camden Author

While Hugo was fast, I really, really, really disliked how it did things outside the norm. For example, I wanted to build a file that would be a JSON page of my last 5 blog entries. As much as I tried, I couldn't get Hugo to output JSON. I understand they support it now, but when I tried to understand the new feature, I just got more confused. I'll put that blame on me - maybe I just don't get how the folks behind Hugo think, but Jekyll just plain worked.

Of course - now I'm in love with Eleventy. :)

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Interesting, well that’s useful to know,’I’ve had a good experience with Jekyll so far. I was considering using Hugo for a project, mainly because I like that it’s built woth Go 😄 and yeah the speed. But think I might just give it a miss, doesn’t sound worth it 👍