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I'm Ricardo. I work in computer field since 2005, doing HTML and CSS - when tabless was still some kind of novelty for many. Since then, I have graduated in System Analysis and worked with Java and PHP (mostly).

My final project on graduation was about search engines in semantic web - I kind of regret not pursuing this in academic field, however, I had little to none incentive from scholars to do so. So I started working on software development - ecommerce and co-related fields.

Another thing I regret: not following my will to learn and work with Python. I spend the whole graduation orbiting around it, but never really taking the risk. "I have to invest something people use - like dotNet and Java" - that was their mantra.

Right now, I'm studying Python on my own and planning some tools that may become a product. However, PHP still pays my bills.

At last, I came here because of the Practical Dev O'Rly "books" (in 2016...?). Stayed for the community.

Take care!