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Discussion on: Documenting My Journey From Waitress to Full Stack Web Developer

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Remo Dentato • Edited on

It's wonderful to read about your willingness to learn.

As others have already said, you can only learn programming by doing it. No amount of reading or studying can give you what two hours of debugging fighting that nasty bug in your code will give you.

Long time ago I thought Programming in a private school (it was based on Turbo Pascal and dbII for those who remember them). My first words where: "You can learn how to program but nobody, myself included, can teach you how to program. My role is to help you learning explaining you how it works and guiding you through your errors but you have to work hard and make those errors yourselves".

At that time there was no Internet and very few good books. Now you can find all the learning material, the support and the suggestions you need to move forward. Just ask (showing the right attitude as you did in your post) and you'll find tons of people willing to help you.

My suggestion? just what other have mentioned: find something you want to create and learn by trying to developing it. It could be a website, a library, whatever. You may stop midway and ending with some more abandoned Git repository but you will have learned a lot in the process.

And all the better if you could find someone more experienced in the field you're interested in that could guide you overcoming the hurdles.

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Mari Ullom Author

I LOVE those first words!!! I really do not think that there is anything MORE true when it comes to programming.

My two college professors are totally opposite of each other. My Python teacher I didn't speak to once the whole time I was enrolled in his class, but my C#, Responsive Web Design, and Information Technology teacher was SUPER engaged, and would remind us over and over again to do EVERY little project that was in the lesson even if it wasn't for a grade. She swore there was no other way to learn, and that is so true. I'm glad I sat down and just did them. I remember a couple weeks ago I had to write a C# code for a graded assignment and I thought it was perfect, would be no problems, then I hit run...... Boy was I wrong. I pulled my hair out for DAYS just looking over and over and over this code until I finally got so aggravated with it I sent it to my teacher to look over to help guide me. Well after I emailed it to her I ended up figuring it out before she was able to respond so I wrote her again and said "NEVERMIND I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY. NO MORE HAIR PULLING." The only thing she said back was "Welcome to programming!"

I have been wanting to find a mentor to just talk back and forth with so I can pick their brain, and ask questions I still can't find the answers to. I just feel like some of the things I should already know, because the information is there I just don't fully grasp it. I love learning so picking the brains of people that are more knowledgeable than I am, especially when it is on topics that I am really interested in is probably my favorite thing to do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it means so much. :)