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I'm just amazed that no one can think themselves out of the Redux rut. All frameworks have some variation on the same theme, no innovation just herd mentality it seems. The two forces that helped me escape the dead weight of Redux were: how my own complex app needs to work and RxJS.


I still don't understand why RxJS and the like didn't catch on.


Well, this is it exactly. Redux is a no brainer, good for simple stuff but gets you stuck in the weeds otherwise. While RxJS requires thought and is the perfect step up for those who dare to think beyond the switch statement.

RxJS has caught on some time ago. Angular has it as a major dependency, Vue has Vue-Rx and the React devs have been all over RxJS for sometime.

I hear you though, what is difficult is unlearning the past so you can be part of the future!

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