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  • Takes a deep nostalgia-filled breath * IRC ... when the internat was all about screen names and people knew better than sharing their real name, gps, family tree and licence plates.

We could do so much with 56KBps!

My first ever IRC client was mIRC, the realest,
for me these guys are on WinAmp level (True Tech Rockstars)

Everybody on my highschool used to go on mIRC and get their phone-lines hooked so they will never loose their admin/mod status

Being a MOD in a cool channel, was more important than being an Influencer today.
At least it felt that way, CHANNEL ADMINS would even get VIP treatment at local clubs.

If you think this comment is not "developer" oriented,
then explain to me how did we get to use those special programs that will FLOOD people out of a channel

And how the first tro-j-an I ever met was transmitted by mIRC channels

It could do simple yet powerful things like

a) Retrieve a screenshot of the computer in its current state
b) Install that screenshot as a Screen saver, so people would think their computer froze
c) Open your CD tray
d) Keylog -_-

Those were the days, the true LAMP STACK
Ares / Kazaa / Napster
The latest Eminem video just drop and I'm going to download it in only 7 days.
But I'm gonna watch it forever so it's worth the while.

Then Hotmail was sold to baby Microsoft.
And that's the real reason why climate changes.

It all started with that creepy ICQ sound and the rise of OG Messenger Stickers

Elon, Bezos, You and Me, we all went through this space of time.

Respect, we survived this far.

I'm sending in my voice note, someday when we will have an app that will allow us to go back 4 days and send an email, with a voice note, no problem