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Discussion on: The Basics of Salary Negotiation

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Ryan Latta Author

You bring up a good point. The part about not saying a number has multiple parts. You can absolutely negotiate at any point and be the first to say a number. The reason I advise against it has to do with the number you start from.

Too many devs think of their current salary and then negotiate from there. Companies have a salary range that is often invisible. So when a dev starts with a number they often put themselves too low in the salary band. If they go too low outside the run the risk of looking incompetent, if they go too high they are unaffordable.

When the company gives the number, on the other hand, they will pick one based on their internal range, their internal urgency, and how willing they are to continue looking. This generally leads to them picking a higher number than most devs will, and then you can negotiate up another 10%.

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Anton A.

In the same time... I have cases with companies saying e.g. 90k and then being able to raise up to 135k throughout the negotiation process. Which also indicates for me that a company can start way lower than they are prepared to pay.