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Discussion on: Mind Hacks — Being More Productive & Avoiding Pitfalls

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Kelvin Thompson

Along a similar line, my military past brings a "perimeter check" to my brain whenever my focus falters, but I apply it to the perimeters of my focus. It usually reveals where the thought tangents are. I get a visual in my mind that shows what I call a "thought leak" and I can feel the sometimes many different vectors of thought leaking out and stealing my focus. A neat thing about this is I can follow those vectors.... But that's where rabbit holes meet black holes and your lost! 🤓

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Rohov Dmytro Author

Sounds cool. What is a perimeter check?

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Kelvin Thompson • Edited on

Every morning before I go grab a coffee, I take a casual walk around my property, enjoy and see that everything is ok and secure. In the context we're talking, I do the same mentally with what I'm focusing on.