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re: Wow, impressive! Do you have a coffee beforehand or do you wake up naturally without an alarm clock? I'd be a bit too asleep first thing in the mor...

Many people do it in the evening..I'm naturally a morning person but it does take some getting used to; the fewer stimulants I have the easier it would be to quiet my mind. I wake to an alarm at 4:30, use the bathroom and then sit for 15-20min before making coffee. Often times it'll take 5-10min to settle my thoughts and slip into a comfortable state of mind.. it's really refreshing. The benefits are countless personally and professionally.. I'm way more patient, focused, forgiving, etc.. I don't get rattled easily, and it's more likely that I can recognize myself heading toward a bad train of thought before I get too far into it.

Insight Timer is should give it a shot.

I think you've inspired me to give it a go, I'll try out Insight Timer, thanks!

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