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Here are some that I am working on for tests against code ...

  1. Black Box: Tests do not care how it is done, they test what is done.
  2. Public API: Tests cover all methods in public API.
  3. Readable: Tests are written in understandable language to make for easy understanding / debugging.
  4. Self-Contained: Tests do not rely on global state, or other test suites, in order to pass.
  5. Positive Testing: Tests account for the expected use of your code.
  6. Negative Testing: Tests simulate unexpected and/or error scenarios and code handles them gracefully.
  7. No Ignores: No tests are “X-ed” out or commented out.
  8. Don’t Test 3rd-Party Code: Your tests don’t test third-party code; that code should come with its own tests.
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