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Discussion on: Technical Virtue Signaling

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Rodrigo Nonose

I disagree partially with "do not politicise anything".

Politics are unavoidable. If a company has a set of values or the "why" of the company, it's gonna entangle some politics. But I think (you and I) are frustrated with the fact that it's not clear in many senses "what politics are we talking about" when seeing some companies (or individuals) act in a certain way. "You're not a real programmer if x" is evangelisation to some sense, so it's a commitment to disseminate a technology that might boost him/his company.

Specially in PR stunts, their agenda is hidden and kinda trickles down to a lot of their decisions. It's a special problem in tech companies (I think) because we're all too focused on the "how" and lose sight of the big picture.