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re: It's basically a handful of posts right now:

Cool! I love the minimalism, I don't know if I'm in love with the source code examples without syntax highlighting but I'm still debating that in my head as I write. They're short enough that as a reader I don't really need colours but maybe a little desaturated color accent here and there would improve the feeling of minimalism.

What do you think?

BTW Massive.js seems very interesting. Data mappers are a godsend especially when working with legacy db structures.

I love that you wrote "that goes all in on PostgreSQL and fully embraces the power and flexibility of the SQL language and relational metaphors" - I tend to use A LOT of PostgreSQL only features even when ORMs and data mappers are involved. It, PostgreSQL, never let me down even once.


Thanks! A little syntax highlighting would be cool, I'll have to see about turning that on since it looks like fledermaus already supports it somehow. Big fan of that for static sites btw; I've used Jekyll with GitHub Pages for project documentation but I barely know anything about Ruby, and I really like fledermaus' more "build what you need, but make it easy" approach.

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