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Discussion on: How useful are documentation and examples in your own native language to you?

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My native language is Italian but I definitely prefer reading documentation in English. It's not like it's not useful to me if it's in my native language but, it's odd I know, it's less of a context switch because I'm so used to technical terms in English that I don't even translate them in my brain.

I google stuff I don't know in English so 99% of the time I'm reading solutions, documentation or books in English.

What sometimes happens, for Italian documentation, because not all developers are good at writing (which is perfectly understandable), I see "spaghetti Italian": Italian sentences with so many english words it makes the reading a subpar experience (striking a balance between writing in proper Italian and keeping the technical jargon is not easy). So when I encounter this I think that it would have been better if they wrote it in English to begin with :D

Also I write inline comments and internal doc in English because "you might not know who's going to read it in the future, they might not know Italian" :D

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Jochem Stoel Author

Thank you. This is helpful. I am the same by the way. :)