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re: I would say yes. Having a quick discussion with my brother about it I came up with the scenario of the Google AI being used to call businesses cons...

I agree, if this thing is programmable it can also be used to do a lot of social engineering for hacking purposes


So far, with Google Duplex specifically, the only things they seem to let you do is ask to make appointments, without much in the way of ability to socially engineer, so at least with Google's current implementation, there doesn't seem like there'd be an issue.

I guess we'll see in the coming years :-)

Indeed. I just mean that, if Google is taking your actual Google account as the basis for information it gives to the stores it calls about you, the chance of being able to trick people seems very low.

Now, when the folks who do robocalls have access to some other implementation, when in several years an open sourced system with enough training is able to be used in this way (if such a thing ever happens), then that would obviously be more cause for concern. But I feel like Robocalling is popular because it's so cheap.

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