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Discussion on: Things I Can't Build: Podcasting on ActivityPub

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I think it does have appeal to podcasters though since it gives them control over their business.

Sorry, I meant the users. I don't think people care about how the technology works behind the scenes

Regarding search and analytics: I got how search works. Not unlike any other aggregator, basically a hub with a list of all the cool podcasts that can be listed, searched, fed to third party apps and so on.

I'm still unsure how analytics would work. Yeah you can have an event source type of thing where the single podcaster knows which one of their own streams is the most popular one but what about analytics for the end user?

Let's put it this way: if it's decentralized, how can I answer the question: I listened to 10 different podcasts about crime, 5 about tech, 2 about self help, 1 about gardening.

A big selling point of Spotify are playlists derived by the user's tastes. A derivation of analytics if you will.

If, by being decentralized (this is the part I'm not sure I understood), I can't collect aggregated analytics among separate hubs or providers, I can't use analytics to give value to the user, right?

It's basically email plus a search engine, right?

I'm not saying this is necessarily wrong (it's not) but it might be hard to move users away if they are used to auto generated suggestions coming from analytics.