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re: 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making As A New Web Developer & How To Avoid Them VIEW POST


Many employers may even see jQuery as an impediment to a candidate, because it can show a lack of understanding of core JavaScript concepts.

It's interesting how the sentiment shifted in just a few years but the web is so much better now than when it needed jQuery. The fact that jQuery is not developed anymore because it's feature complete it's a testament to that.

Good thing we're not too attached to technologies :)

But one of the biggest mistakes most beginner developers make is jumping straight into learning these tools without a strong understanding of JavaScript

This is part marketing, part human nature I guess. We're attracted by shiny things and by hype. In addition job offers use keywords to simplify for understandable reasons

Bootstrap is a UI framework for building websites.

Bootstrap's gotta go :D They've recently removed the jQuery dependency but stil...

Good pointers Emma!


Bootstrap is not a bad thing. Many employers are looking for bootstrap knowledge, and a portfolio often looks incomplete w/o something like bootstrap in it. I'm more refering to react-bootstrap though


Didn't say it's bad, I've used it for years!

I'm not particularly attached to it though, I think it has already seen its heyday and due to advancements in CSS it is less needed.

Sites using Bootstrap, be it the original version or the Vue/ReactJS declined versions, all suffer from the same thing: they really look like Bootstrap websites :D

Like when you visits someone's place and you both have the same furniture because you both shop at IKEA ;-)

haha, very true, but a lot of startups or smaller companies want to look like everyone else. There is a certain amount of professionalism in looking similar the competition. I'm not saying I like it personally, but many businesses want to look "professional" and so they stick with something that adds a "standard" to their website...

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