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Discussion on: Forget pay cut, give me a raise to work remotely

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I disagree that remote work = more hours & more work done.

This might be true during normal times, but it is certainly untrue (at least for me) during COVID-19. At the moment, areas where I used to work remotely from (coffee shops, malls, transit station, other buildings at my workplace, etc.) are either closed or offer limited service. Even if they allowed people to sit there to work/eat/whatever, it would be less comfortable to do so during COVID-19 despite social distancing measures.

When I worked in the office, I had a ~45 minute commute by public transit (or 20 minutes by Uber). I did not mind that. Even if I didn't like the commute, at least I had a place to work from. I actually switched jobs internally a few weeks after the offices closed, and my new team tells me that I've been doing great, but it's been a giant struggle for me due to the lack of a physical work environment.

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hrishikesh1990 Author

That's quite unusual. Most people feel otherwise, myself included.

However, don't you have a home office setup?

I know normal remote work would involve us working out of a co-working space or coffee shop frequently (for me it is at least once a week). Despite that not being available, I am seeing higher productivity and so are most people (saying this basis multiple surveys I have come across + the one we conducted ourselves involving 892 people).