re: Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code VIEW POST


I must be in the minority.

I use both VS Code and Atom, but I much prefer Atom. I have heard the argument that it is slow, but I have never found this in the many many months of using it. It opens within seconds, just like VS Code, so there's no reason for me to switch.

In fact, the only thing I use VS Code for is writing markdown files..


Interesting. Why is that? Atom, IMHO, is better for Markdown editing with its GFM support. I keep trying VSC but it only supports CommonMark, which quite frankly sucks. I write all of my notes in Markdown and the task list feature of GFM is very handy and not doable in VSC. I Obviously I can write the syntax ;) but not having that support in the preview sucks.

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