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Discussion on: Moving your workflow to Linux

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Finally someone that doesn´t blame Linux for not beeing a clone of Windows or tries to sell it talking about software freedom (Yes GPL is awesome, but people usually doesn't care about it). Some tips for begginers:

  • Dont be afraid of the teriminal, it aint that hard. The manpages and google are your friends.
  • If you search for something try to look first in your distro's wiki, even in other distros wiki, package names will probably change, but everything else should be almost identical.
  • Avoid pasting commands from the internet in the terminal without knowing what they do. Take a look at manpages first at least.
  • Try new software, terminal emulators, shells, text editors, IDEs, file managers, even the whole destkop enviroment can be switched, don't get stucked into the default programs of your distro. Take a look at the ubuntu software center for example, or simply search for a type of program instead of the name of one in your package manager.
  • Have fun, if you aren't confident enough to install it in your main pc, install it in a VM, or an old pc, install different distros, try things till you break something and take a look about why did it broke.
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GPL is awesome

The restrictive GPL is one of the reasons why I don't really like Linux, actually. I want freedom.

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Douglas R Andreani Author

that is my main point when I recommend Linux to someone. you should not treat it as a regular Windows or Mac environment. each one is it one beast