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Discussion on: Adding multi-factor authentication to your app, the easy way

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What an interesting way to add MFA and probably one I'd like to use as well! One question I do have, how does TypingDNA deal with password managers?
Because that's something we use a lot in our company and also advise to our customers, but that could derail the ideology behind this concept.

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Alex Lakatos 🥑 Author

Thanks! That's a very good question. It fails with password managers, and I think that's what I expect it to do. It's supposed to be a biometric authentication factor, so it shouldn't work without you, right? I would think it bad if my phone unlocked for a picture of my face instead of my face.

I see biometrics for MFA kind of the same way. Ideally, you'd disable password managers. A long and random password would be less secure than a memorable password typed by the right individual, in my opinion.