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Hello! I'm 34 yo and have been learning coding for about three years now without much success. I have a goal in mind which is to start working as a jr. developer before my next birthday (Aug 1, 2020).

Right now I'm learning js, react and redux. Cheers and hello! :)


Nice to meet you, Roel! Keep your head up and remember, even senior devs google the most basic of things from time to time.


Welcome! If you have any questions about learning js/react - I'd be glad to help :) good luck!


Hi Roel!

Good luck with your job search.
For startups, technical prowess is not as important as getting things done.

So if you can get 1-to-1 with the hiring person/key decision-maker and speak to what their startup does and tell them what you would do to impact the business and then just get started without asking that's a great way to break in.


I'd add to that, that bringing other skills along with coding can be a great way to outshine other applicants. E.g. if you were an accountant before deciding to start coding, then joining a company that develops accounting software would give you a huge advantage over a kid fresh out of college who don't know his debits from his credits :)

Greate advice, man, thanks. My ultimate goal would be to work as a developer for something related to music or literaturue which are my other big interests :D


I absolutely love react and redux. Would love to help you in this journey of yours in any way I can. Feel free to reach out.


Wow! I just saw your answer. Thanks A LOT, man. I'd love to have more friends I can chat with and learn :D


Hey Roel! You get closer every day. Besides learning the tech the best thing that helped me get a job was just talking to people. Don't be afraid to go to meetups if you can.


I think there are some in my city! Will look into that! Thanks man! :D


Good luck, Roel! I'm also on my 30s and trying to get the first dev job.


Thats great! PM me if you want to work on something together, man. Cheers!

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