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Discussion on: Best Web Design Course?

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Mateus Amorim • Edited on

For an introduction to web design this one might be interesting:
Hack design - Lessons 101

But overall, there are a few other resources that I recommend.

A really nice one is the book "Evil by design", it gives really interesting explanations about "evil" experiences (that convert more) by using the seven deadly sins. It should give you some good fundamentals on how to make things that work well.

see "Evil by design" on Amazon

I also recommend looking at accessibility resources. Good design is enabling, not disabling. By understanding accessibility, you understand how to make things better and avoid many commons problems. Keep in mind that this is not only for people with permanent disabilities but also for those with temporary ones (broken arm, tired vision, bad environment) and for users with different needs and experiences. In general, accessible design is simply good design.

WAI - Accessible design tips
Free WAI accessibility course

As already mentioned, the material design guidelines is also very good, especially if you want to see about making good animations.

Material design guidelines

Some other resources that may help: