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re: That's a pretty solid goal, two great (but at the same time very hard to learn) languages for one year...good luck!

I think the hard part in Rust is dealing with the borrow checker and the ownership concept. Other than that, it is similar to higher-level languages like Java/C#.

Haskell is a different can of worms altogether. There is a lot of "vocabulary" to learn and some existing concepts to unlearn. I have got a year to figure it out :)

Make sure you are using beta or better(pun intended) Rust (not stable), Non-Lexical Lifetimes make the borrow checker much more forgiving. And I mean much more reasonable, not loose in any sense.
I've had an incomparably better experience with it whenever closures and loops enter the picture.

I can't wait until syntax-level await drops. Such an amazing language.

And there are well-progressing RFCs to make it even more algebraic, so it will have even more Haskell affordances.

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