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Roman Sedykh Author

Hi Erik!

I think you've got the "tracking" part wrong. It's not about installing spying software. It's about the frictionless approach for the time-tracking when it is really needed.

I completely agree with all the points you have written. But we need time-tracking sometimes:

  • either you need to provide your client or employer with time hours so they can pay you for your time,
  • or you probably want to analyze how your team works to be better at predicting the workload.

It's impossible without data.

We're probably from different backgrounds. If you're from the startup world, you never had a need for this kind of data. If you worked with the clients, you should be familiar with this.

Also, I want to elaborate on two more points:

  1. To record thinking is very simple — you just push the "start" button on the task you work on. Now it records your thinking process. :-) You might ask what if you're thinking in the shower? It's up to you, you can manually edit time entries at any time.
  2. Isn't it about trust if you're as a developer is paid for your hours while you have total control over how much hours you log in? :-) It requires you to be completely honest. You have 100% control over time entries.