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re: What is your REST API design / development / testing workflow? VIEW POST

re: Background first: I’m a Python/Flask dev, it’s the only way I’ve written production REST APIs. Currently my favorite method is using Flask-RESTPlu...

Hey thanks for your reply! So basically your workflow now is: design -> code in Python/Flask -> end to end test on separate database -> generate docs. If I missed something please tell me!

Which part of this process causes the most friction / frustration for you and would you like to improve? Or would you keep everything as it is, no improvements needed?


I'm all about reducing repetition in code, my current process saves me the step of having to write documentation separately from implementation, but I still have to declare my database models separately from my user-facing models. Maybe one day I'll write a tool to streamline that.

I have the same issue with the Graph library I use in another project (off-topic, but related). I have to declare the same information in several different places whenever I make a change, it's easy to forget one and frustrating when it happens.

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