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re: Thanks. I read those answers on Quora. I didn't get a point about "accessibility issues". I wrote the menu sandwich in pure CSS. And I can't under...

Perfectly valid points. But, what if some of our website visitors use screen reader. Of course, screen readers are most likely to ignore elements that have been given a display of none. But, again not 100 % sure about that. Also, tabbing between elements using a keyboard should also be considered as one of the preferred methods of navigating on a webpage.
One good reason to use the checkbox hack would be for users who have disabled JavaScript in the browser.

Thanks a lot for your explanation ! Very helpful ! I even didn't think about this cases: screen reader, and tabbing between elements using a keyboard.

Glad it helped. Have an awesome day ahead.

U2 :) ! Hope you will continue to write articles like this one :)

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