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Discussion on: So is going to charge attendees in future - what's next for event organizers?

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Ryan Smith

I'm not against a company making money, but taking a key feature that was always free, then switching to make money off of it is a sure way to alienate users. Give new features and charge for those, do not put a wall in front of the primary reason that people use the site. The shift seems like a pivot into ticket sales where the organizers do not see any of the money and even have to pay a fee themselves.

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Eugene Cheah Author • Edited on

If anything as an organizer - I was glad they were billing me enough to be sustainable (or more).

I know servers cost money (I manage them for my company, and our bill is scary). So I am actually more terrified of free services who do not answer "how they will sustain themselves". As they may do a bait and switch at some points when the bills come flooding in. (cough medium)

I just never expected it to happen to through its parent company. Where they need more money