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Discussion on: Git Rebase Explained Simply

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Ryan Smith

Good stuff, this is an easy to understand explanation. For me, git rebase was an imposter-inducing concept because a lot of the information out there is so nonchalant ("just rebase") or so technical (a complex web with arrows everywhere) that it was hard to establish when to use it and how in a practical example, so thank you for that.

"Always Sunny in Philadelphia" meme of the character standing in front of an investigation board and a conspiracy-theorist look in his eyes

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Jacob Herrington (he/him) Author

Cool, I'm glad it was easy to understand; that was my primary goal.

Which is why the example is so simple (but a common problem nonetheless).

I'll probably do a follow up going over the -i flag and some more creative things you can do with rebase to make your life easier.