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re: What do you do when you're stuck? VIEW POST


ColdFusion can be a pain to work with, especially in old and messy codebases (which most ColdFusion codebases probably are). My advice is to stick close to the stack trace and put in dumps/aborts for variables/scopes at those points and load up the page to see what you are working with. It takes a certain type of stubbornness or tenacity to debug some ColdFusion issues, just keep at it and it will get easier over time.

As long as you have put in the effort and provide background information or what you have tried, you should be okay to reach out to your team. I think seeking out information on how they would troubleshoot the issue is valuable. As a senior member on my team, it is tempting to give out answers to help another developer instead of sharing my methods of getting to those answers which won't help the team grow. The other developer will solve their issue, but they may not have learned anything. I would keep that in mind when reaching out to not just ask about the solution to your problem, but seek out guidance on how they would troubleshoot it.

I feel you on wanting a distraction when something is painful to do, I am the same way. It might just be working in ColdFusion that causes that! 😄 Feel free to reach out if you need any ColdFusion help or need to vent about that language.

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