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Discussion on: Solid - The best JavaScript UI library?

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Ryan Carniato • Edited

I agree. You can make that argument for any library really and it definitely comes down to risk tolerance. Interestingly enough even though it looks like React it works significantly differently. Like as different as Svelte is from React. No Hook Rules etc, different update model, Context works differently, Global State management. I'd argue it can lead to a more intuitive model.

Then there are other types of requirements. Code size is one that people are sensitive to, beyond just performance. People use Preact solely based on size. But these really don't make up for a mature ecosystem. But for me that keeps things simple.

Solid has no business existing unless it can be significantly better in the areas it attacks. Not better performance, the best performance. Not smaller, the smallest. Not most of the features, all/more the features. You can't always achieve that but it keeps the project hungry and keeps it chasing after innovation and improvement.