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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Ryan Carniato

I guess I could sort of bucket it all under ease of use. But maybe less friction is better. Up until now I'd never peg the easiest library for the developer to write their apps to necessarily win the day. At least easiest as in least initial learning curve. I do think it plays a more important part with the widening of target audience though.

I'm honestly excited/curious about this next stage(hence the popcorn statement) as even with my general ability to predict this stuff I do not know where this goes. Mostly that since React came out in 2013 (ignoring Angular for a moment) it's been a one party show. All other libraries just followed queue, copied features, communications, terminology, etc.. And it shows.

But where we are heading we are already seeing splitting of opinions, so the next sets of features will see different libraries implementing differently and I don't know what will come out on top. It isn't necessarily the easiest approaches or the most technically performant. I live in this stuff between my work (core team on eBay's Marko framework) and my personal project (Solid Framework). So I genuinely think we might see an interesting change in dynamics with the releases in the coming 12 months.

It's an interesting tension because I know I can no longer identify in an unbiased way with people making the choice for themselves sometimes for the first time. I have too much specific experience understanding all the minute tradeoffs, and honestly hardened too many biases over the years. Funny enough not from choosing one solution and sticking with it but from doing different things and building strong resentment towards certain aspects.

It is often no longer about what I find fun as much as what I dislike the least. So I gravitate towards simple but powerful, which often means more work and leveraging of my knowledge but complete control in what I get and complete confidence in what I teach others. For me that's something like React. But Svelte has aspects of that as well if you understand how it works which is a bit masked behind their compiler. Whereas easy, or configurable are not characteristics I value as much personally but constantly am conscious of when designing.