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Discussion on: A Hands-on Introduction to Fine-Grained Reactivity

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Ryan Carniato Author • Edited

Those are fair questions. I took this example directly from Dan Abramov's blog:

I think his motivation was to solve this without using the function form of setState since he could have done that at the beginning of the article and moved on. In any case if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

I did make a react-solid-state library but it is basically like MobX. Pre-hooks it felt kind of cool, post-hooks I sort of lost interest in it. I thought React introducing its own primitives was a gamechanger and sure enough things like Recoil started showing up. React can never really leverage the benefits here in terms of execution performance and the DX is not amazing with the need for wrappers etc. There is probably a smarter way to approach it now but as I said limited benefits. Solid fully embraces fine-grained reactivity in a way other libraries don't and I've continued to focus there.