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Discussion on: Of Chickens and Pigs - The Dilemma of Creator Self Promotion

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Ryan Carniato Author

Music industry is brutal for gatekeepers. So few people "make it" so anyone with influence needs to be very careful what they promote as they get associated with those recommendations. If you want to be seen as hip and cool it's all about association.

I have a perfect example of this even though I am not a fan of the band. Late 90s/Early 2000s Nickelback had a really hard time getting signed to major labels. People quite rightfully dismissed them as a 90s alternative rock knockoff, another Creed etc.. But that didn't stop them. They kept going they released their own stuff and promoted it. They almost went platinum in Canada on their own effort before a label would touch them. They went on to become reasonably successful.

These days that might sound pretty typical but late 90s were a time when people were still getting record deals in the classic sense. It was common for signing bonuses etc.. The labels weren't looking for them and they sort of just forced their way in.

A lot of this stuff is just what I've witnessed over the past 3 years and I've been trying to figure out how to write it all down, but it wasn't until I was sort of called out that I found the framing to talk about it.

Thanks for your thoughts.