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Discussion on: What is your favorite editor and why?

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Jariullah Safi

Out of curiosity what benefit do to get from notepad++ in the use cases where you're not using vs code?

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Saleh Rahimzadeh

Notepad++ is light-weight editor with good features, simple, stable, pluginable.

I would like to divide text files into three categories:

  1. Simple, Single and Small files
  2. Complicated, Large and Multiple (bunch) files
  3. Project, Complex and related files

I use Windows Notepad for 1st category, because they don't need very effort.
I use Notepad++ for 2nd category, because they need syntax-highlighting, tabs, plugin to handle, auto-complete, line-joining, line-spliting, encoding, searching, commenting, converting case, etc.
I use VSCode for 3nd category, because they need compilation, sophisticated auto-complete, professional tabs management and grouping, advanced plugins, programming-related plugins and tools, professioal shortcuts, etc.