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Discussion on: About Windows for devs

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Sakib Hadžiavdić • Edited

Windows OS is not bad per se.

Batch scripting is awful, PowerShell is not familiar to many users and it's kinda cryptic (I'll try to learn it).

Many programming languages are Unix-first since they use open-source stuff that is mainly made for Unix OS-es. Ruby, PHP etc. are in my eyes made just for Unix. Either they don't know/want/can port them properly to other OS-es.

Java and other JVM languages on the other hand are just fine.

All in all, I like Windows because I'm used to it. File explorer is great (e.g. I can't paste a path in OSX explorer to get to it, why?). Linux is great also, installation from CMD is great, you don't need to think about that stuff.