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Hey Dan, just started learning React Native. I have a background of native mobile development for both Android and iOS (Swift, Java, Kotlin and a little bit of Objective C). It is really good to have a single code for generating both native apps but as far as I have been working with React Native I didn't fell that I could have the same level o customization that I would have doing it native. In Android I am used to define some XML drawables for more complex layouts and I have found a little bit difficult to add support to multilanguages in React Native. I also really miss the feature of being able to see the layout in different screen sizes and densities when I am creating or updating a layout in the IDE ( available in both XCode and Android Studio). I am still a beginner at React Native but I feel that even if I had two different code bases going native I would be more productive but at the same time I think it is maybe to soon to think that because I haven't explored deeply the power of React Native. What I would like to know is if there is a line for when would be better to go native or use some other solution like react native depending on the complexity of the application or if React Native can have the same level of customization and requirements fulfillment for any native application. Thanks =)


I don’t really have the experience with RN to answer this. Sorry!

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