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Taking «Coding your way out of the Coronavirus» as cue: How about really doing that?

I've just come out of an 'Antivirus' Hackathon that happened over the weekend in Germany. Some people in Berlin picked up an initiative that started in Estonia and Poland. Within five days nearly 43,000 volunteers signed up.
Not all coders, mind you. People were also working on ways to help elderly and isolated folk, support small local businesses, to home-produce masks and medical equipment (as simple as sowing nurses clothing) etc.

Check it out: wirvsvirushackathon.org/?lang=en

Nothing is as contagious as a good idea!

WIRvsVirusHack 🤓🤜🦠🗑

P.S.: I worked on this team: devpost.com/software/covid-qa-1vyrkt
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