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Discussion on: Why wordpress?

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Scott Sawyer

I am giving a presentation this Friday at Drupal Camp ATL on how to enhance the Drupal editorial experience, you may be interested in checking out

I use this approach to create marketing / brochure websites with Drupal and have received excellent feedback from customers.

At this point, I loathe working with WordPress, it feels like a toy. Though my biggest complaints aren't so much WordPress but the approach of so many "WordPress jockeys" who opt for commercial plugins and themes. These rarely update with WP CLI, and the "developer" typically doesn't give the owner access to renew the licenses. This leaves the owners site in a compromised position, difficult to maintain.

While the premium and freemium WordPress market has made people a lot of money, I feel it's ultimately bad for the WordPress ecosystem. Also, the WordPress plugin issue queues suck. Why can I not filter results by version?